Male Monday

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Hat – Mitchell & Ness | Sweatshirt – OVO 6 Sleeve Hoody | Shorts – OVO 6 Shorts | Shoes – Converse | Sunglasses – Persol

As you know I love all things fashion and this includes menswear. Having two older brothers I’ve always had to split some shopping time with them. Little secret of mine, I actually love shopping for men’s clothes, so this I why I have decided to add this aspect of fashion into my blog…introducing MALE MONDAYS!!! This weeks look is showing off OVO’s new 6 apparel that came out last week. Being from Toronto, all things 6 hold special place in my heart, so what better way to start of the Male Mondays than with some of Drake’s OVO apparel paired with a hat with the Raptor’s new logo!

6 Going Up on a Tuesday

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Shirt – Iro | Pants – J Brand | Shoes – Jimmy Choo | Bracelete – Herm├Ęs

Last night fellow Canadian Drake performed his Jungle Tour concert at the Air Canada Center. It’s always a great time when he comes to the city. The atmosphere at the venue is like none other and he makes everyone in the audience feel like they grew up with him. Though most of his lyrics include places in Toronto or better known as “the six,” he personalized even more of his lyrics about his favorite city last night. He mentioned that people are trying to get him to change OVO Fest to a new city but after last night we can rest assured that it will continue to stay in Toronto!